Wednesday, January 20, 2016

How to Engage Your Email Subscribers From the Moment They Sign Up

20150302172951-bossDoes email marketing still work in today’s spam-ridden environment?  Check out the following exerpt and InfoGraphic by Kim LaChance Shandrow, Entrepreuner Staff Writer, for ideas, tips and answers:

You know what they say about first impressions. They’re a one-shot deal. Your initial outreach to people who subscribe to your email marketing campaign is no exception. The opportunity knocks once in an inbox. If you don’t hit your first email to new subscribers out of the park, it’s likely the “unsubscribe” graveyard for you.

While there’s no one-size-fits-all way to guarantee that your email list subscribers will stick around long after opting in, there are a few smart steps you can take — in your very first email to them — to boost the chances that they do. And we’re not talking the lazy, generic “Thanks for subscribing. Here, have this coupon.” approach. You have dig deeper.

Crafting and sending an effective welcome email involves several carefully executed steps. From tweaking the wording of your subject line to avoiding spam trigger words, from writing persuasive body copy to hitting “send” at just the right moment, there’s a lot you can do to develop an engaging, high-impact first email. Doing so helps to start your relationship with fresh subscribers off on the right foot, and, ideally, for the long haul.

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If you are using emails in your prospecting and are not getting 90% open rates and 50% response rates, you may need an improved system and some suggestions.

On Mark Helton’s webinar session tomorrow, he will explain his 3X4 prospecting method, including the exact templates that make up his successful marketing approach.

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